Our Story

Grief is a life long journey...

Our founder Henry had the tragic experience of child bereavement and whilst interacting with the related product and service providers, he realised the end of life and grief management industry is archaic, confusing, lacking efficiency, choice, transparency and value.
Henry previously helped to build online food delivery company Just-Eat and it troubled him that pretty much every product and service for end of life and grief management is more difficult to arrange than ordering food online, determined to change that he set out to create a new products tailored to the industry and innovating with technology, but with equally as much empathy and integrity as incumbent providers.
Whilst living overseas Henry realised how hard it was to maintain his son's resting place, or send flowers etc directly there on occasions like birthdays and other seasonal celebrations.
He felt this made the process of grieving for his son more difficult and because he was unable to attend his sons resting place often, he was essentially failing his son's memory. 
That is where the idea for Send-Off came about, to create the category leading platform for grief management services, starting with direct to funeral or resting place flower delivery, with additional services such as resting place makeovers and restoration.
Send-Off's mission is to make a difficult time easier.
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