Pay your respects from anywhere

Directly to a funeral or resting place

  • Send your love

    It's impossible to send flowers directly to a resting place. With Send-Off you can easily arrange flowers for a resting place or funeral, from anywhere.

  • Celebrate any occasion

    Send-Off will decorate your loved ones resting place on your behalf, with packages to celebrate any occasion, festive season, or special day.

  • Resting place cleaning

    It can be difficult to get time to visit or maintain your loved ones resting place. We'll make it look perfect on your behalf and send you a before/after photo.

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Pay your respects...
from anywhere

Grief is a language of love

Our mission is enable all people to express their love and make a difficult time easier.

  • Such a great service

    "The cost of living crisis means I'm unable to travel 120 miles to my Father's grave as much as I would like to. Send-Off is a no brainer, I love the before/after pic"


  • Highly recommended

    "Living in Dubai, It's impossible for my husband and I to maintain our parents graves or send flowers to them. Send-Off is highly recommended"


  • Disability inclusive

    "As a wheelchair user, maintaining the grave is challenging for me, Usually I need to rely on others. Send-Off handling that instead is the perfect solution"


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